New Jersey Beach Engagement Shoot

New Jersey Beach Engagement Shoot

Happy Summer, Friends:

My associate and I had the pleasure of shooting this New Jersey beach engagement shoot with a lovely couple, Danielle & Eric, at Long Branch Beach. I typically aim to take photos of couples during the golden hour, in order to get sunset shots and colorful scenery. This couple was so much fun to shoot; moreover, this was one of the first sessions shot with the Flashpoint Xplor TTL strobe lights, which my associate gracefully carried all over the sand and rocks. This strobe light helped us obtain some amazing results, and I am excited to share a few photos with you:



I also always suggest more than one outfit, shirt or blouse, especially for the bride-to-be. Danielle & Eric pulled out the adorable-matching-shirts move!



Danielle was such a trooper in dealing with the windy conditions that day, and Eric mastered the “GQ” model stare.



This session was particularly great, because we had the sand, palm trees, rocks on the beach and even the lifeguard chair and rowboat to play with! I always suggest using any elements or props around you to make shots more interesting and playful.

Thanks again to Danielle & Eric for this experience. Hope you all appreciate the photos; until next time!

Pete Lott

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